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Home - HPIT

Our Services

Best services for better presence on the Internet

We are HPIT

Our vision is to provide a large number of services needed by companies, and to employ the most professional and professional professionals, to achieve our mission in the implementation of our projects perfectly.

As well as the use of the latest tools and the latest resources required by the completion of the highest level of professional and professional, with attention to detail details of the completion of projects with the highest level of professionalism and professionalism.

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Why Us

We guarantee a unique service to grow your business online

Integrated solutions
Design and Hosting
Your wonderful website

Internet sites are now a key factor for the success of any organization. It is no longer just a luxury for large organizations. We believe that websites are becoming an urgent necessity especially for small and medium businesses.

The real importance of the necessity of having a website in marketing for the services and products provided by companies and institutions, the Internet sites have become the starting point suitable for marketing in general and for electronic marketing in particular.

In order to make the best use of the website, the plans must not end once they are published on the Internet, but you must market it in various ways and interest in placing it in all publications of your company, and promote this site by all possible means.

More Services

Do you want to design a website, a mobile application, or an e-marketing campaign?
We will be at your service always!

Phone: 00966530009887

Accounting & Management Softwares

We offer the best accounting and management software

& Inventory Program

A comprehensive accounting program that helps you manage all your general accounts and everything related to your accounting and financial operations, regardless of type and activity, accountant accounting program can manage all your accounting until the preparation of a full budget

Restaurants Management
& Cafes

The management program of restaurants wave to the owners of restaurants and shops Altai Awai, where is a smart solution for the management and accounts of restaurants It contains inventory management and accounts, purchases and sales of cash and cash, wholesale and retail and customer accounts

Manage Law
Offices Cloud

An integrated accounting program that supports the Arabic language for managing law firms and legal consultancy. Using the program you can create billing forms to hold your accounts on your services and follow them and set dates

Clinic Management
& Dispensaries

Fekra Clinic Manager has the highest level of competence in the management of clinics, medical centers and complexes because it provides complete control of patient and physician data and many medical, administrative and accounting services.

Archiving Issues
& Incoming

Is one of the leading programs in the archiving of files and documents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is a desktop application with a simple and easy interface to suit the needs of companies and civil and governmental institutions

Real Estate

Is a property accounting and management program aimed at the owners of apartments, offices, offices and real estate companies. It is the best real estate accounting program. It serves the real estate fields of sale, rent and concession, in addition to a distinguished and smart marketing system.

Installment Management

Special installment installment program for the offices of installment and installment cards Sawa and all shops and companies that work in the area of installment, which consists of accounting program and the management of installments works to establish contracts and choose the appropriate installment

Hotels Management
& Furnished Apartments

Is a program of accounts for the management of furnished apartments and the program of hotels and furnished apartments works with the Windows environment and is one of the most powerful hotel management programs, which features the idea of management of hotels and furnished apartments

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We provided our services
For individuals and companies
Over the years

Because the language of numbers is impossible to lie, here are some important facts about the achievements of our company over the past years, the history of the company starts since 2010, and we work in the service of individuals and companies, Arab and international, and we have been our services to many clients and bodies and institutions of government and international.

We have provided our services in various fields, such as web design, e-marketing campaigns, attendance and departure installation services, security surveillance systems and cameras, and other services.